Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kolej Vokasional ERT Setapak , Kuala Lumpur

       Well Hello there .. wait Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullah Hiwabaratakatu and a very good day to you,
Well it has been a while since i haven't post anything here but who wants to visit this blog anyway.. because basically my blog is not that fun anyway, i mean who wants to read my life.. i'm not that popular like a lot of people and it's great to NOT be known anyway.. but what ever and putting that aside.. I just want to say and annouce that i got accepted to my DREAM SCHOOL on the 21st of January 2013 and i just post about it today.. which is really wierd right!! -_- ... LOL .. So The school i got accepted it called Kolej Vokasional ERT Setapak, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .. it was turned into a College this year before this the school was named SMKV ERT Setapak, Kuala Lumpur .

        Basically the school was build in way back.. it's a very historical school but the school is still in shape.. The school is ment to be a GIRL'S School because ERT stands for Ekonomi Rumah Tangga but in English it means Home Economics and what i know there is that kind of subject in America right?! ... Ok so, Before this there where only 3 main courses in the school which are Cullinary Arts , Fashion and Dress Making and lastly is Cosmetology . But now the school board added 2 new courses which are Computer System Networking and Child Care ... so if we tally it up it becomes 5 main courses now. So basically for me by following my dreams .. i took the Fashion and Dress Making course and i'm happy but in each course has their ways .. and to me i think the Fashion course is the hardest but if you think of life there is no such thing or words that can  discribe EASY in life.. because nothing is easy in life and thats the truth well that's what my dad always say to me.. My dad is my life as well he already plan alot of things for me when i finish going to that school.

       Oh yeah i forgot to mention that when you entred the school you are comited to what course you take.. Since the school was just converted into a College so they are testing the students if they are worthey of becoming a Diploma Student because when you go to this school .. you will be end up studying there for 4 years if you don't break any diciplin rules basically. If you break the rules than all you get is just a certificate and just 2 years of learning .. in the end you have to get a job at the age of 17 if you are born in 1997 ofcourse. Malaysia is a complex country and if you don't have SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) If you don't have that it will be hard for you to have a JOB at least by studying 4 years and recieved a DIPLOMA in what course you take.. you can start your own Clothing Line, A Restrount , A Hair Salon , A Kindergarden and your own Computer Store or so on...

       From what i can say is that the school is pretty darn amazing and i love being here and to be studying here is like a dream come true.. Since i study Fashion and Dress Making here are the most amazing and knowlegeble lecturers :-

         There are 11 Fashion Lecturers in the school .. and they are Pn. Zaiton Zakiah , Pn. Azmawati , Pn. Norzaini , Pn. Nor Haslinda , Miss Vivian , Pn. Sufiza , Pn. Shaziana , Pn. Nadia , Pn. Sabariah , Pn. Zakiah dan akhir sekali Pn. Marlina Azwa . Every fashion teacher have their own expiriance and day by day they learn like us from the person who has more expiriance than they are.. like Pn. Zaiton Zakiah , Pn. Azmawati and Pn. Norzaini .. they are expiriance lecturers .. 3 of the lecturers have studid out side of Malaysia like Los Angeles , New Zeland and a few more if i'm not mistaken.. I remember the time where i was interviewed to enter the school .. i remember Pn. Zaiton Zakiah said to me that being in this course is a challege.. and it is a challege to be in this course.. you have to be quick and passionate on this course, if you really want to be a Fashion Designer than do it properly ..

        All i can say is that.. each fashion student learns how to sew the clothing your making , draw or sketch the designes of the clothing , knows how to opperate a sewing machince and lastly the most important is to Draft Pola of a clothing.. Since i'm new to this kind of thing.. i'm trying to figure out the things going on in my life especially this school .. all i can say at Semester 1 we learn how to Sketch, Draft and Sew Baju Kurung Tradisional , Blaus , Skirt A Line and Baju Kurung Kedah. The 2nd Semester we learn how to Sketch, Draft and Sew Baju Kurung Kebaya and Saring Belah Selisih, Ceongsam, Slek Pants and Children Wear. But basically there are more to come.. if i manage to get a 3 pointer on my exam, i will be staying at this school but if i fail than i'm out of the school.. 4 years being in the school and a total of 8 semesters.. a year we have 2 semesters .. like half a month on a year . A litttle bit complicated to understand but what can you do but follow it.

         The school is pretty much well known.. and the school really wants to build up students that wants to live their dreams.. by working hard and have passion on what your doing.. sucsess is on it's way if you believe in yourself and work hard on what you want to achive in life . But all i know is that.. if i manage to be in this school for  4 years , change my self to be a new and better person and to make my family proud especially my Parents .. i will continue on my studies in UiTM and take the same course and after that I DON'T KNOW what would happpen.. maybe i would open my own boutique or to study in Los Angeles or New York City .. Because i want to known like Jimmy Choo but i'm representing my Clothing Line..

         Well dreams can be REAL if you just BELIVE, PRAY HARD , WORK HARD and ALWAYS KNOW THAT GOD IS THERE .. than maybe (Insyallah) your DREAM will be a reality...

Hafiz Zainal Is The Best

        This person right here is Muhammad Hafiz Bin Zainal , now is is 21 years old , Singer and Student at Alexandria University . Why am i writing about him? Funny you ask because i love him and i love his music.. The reason i love him is reasons are ovease right... because he is so GOOD LOOKING but other than just being Handsome ... the most wonderfull thing i love about him is his AMAZING VOICE...  Just recently he entered a singing competition called The Awakening Talent Contest that The Awakening Record had done before, the prize is a sign record deal with Awakening Records and also to sing with Maher Zain if i'm not mistaken.. Hafiz entered and became a TOP 23 contestent then he became a TOP 16 Contestent and then TOP 5 or 8 Contestent and finally the TOP 3 Contestent.. but in the end of the competition he WON 2nd Place.. but overall he did an AMAZING JOB.. he reached out to manny people in the whole world with his amazing talent.. Turkey is most likely to cought Hafiz Attention.. he now has Turkish Fan or known as now Turkey Hafiziers ..

      I don't know much about Hafiz Zainal but all i know is that he has 3 sisters and a loving family Like in this picture here where they spent their Raya in Johor Bharu :-

So go check out Hafiz Zainal on Youtube to see his amazing singing , Follow Him on Twitter @Hafizza1nal  and Like his Official Facebook Page : Hafiz Zainal ...  and make sure to be a #Hafiziers if you really love his sound of music and to all the girls to like him..